Arch Decorations & Plaster Corbel Mouldings

Superb Ceilings supplies and installs a range of ornate architectural ceiling features such as plaster arches and plaster corbels, crown moulding ceiling designs and recessed ceiling domes for homes and businesses. Whether you’re striving for that classic Art-Deco look or just want to enhance the elegance of your space, Superb Ceilings can make it happen.

Talk to our team of ceiling specialists about the aesthetic you want to achieve, or learn more about the ceiling and arch features you can implement in your home below. We can install new designs, as well as repair or replace existing ceiling features.

Arch Decorations

Decorative arches help to frame your space and delineate zones within an open plan area. At Superb Ceilings, we can supply a range of plaster arch designs to suit varying wall widths and openings. We can also coordinate your arch decoration with your recessed ceiling domes, cornices or corbels. Our arch decoration products are made from durable plaster that can be painted over to fit with your space.

Plaster Corbels & Crowns

Adding ceiling crowns and corbels is another great way to add character to your home. Whether you are renovating a period home or adding ornate features to a newer build, plaster corbels and crowns will add interest to your ceilings and walls. We have simple crown options as well as more intricate designs, so you can find a perfect solution to fit your home’s aesthetic. Not quite sure what to go for? Our experienced team will help you find the perfect fit.

Dome Ceiling Designs

We have a range of beautiful decorative recessed ceiling domes – the ultimate focal point for any room. Domes add depth and style to any room, creating a decorative feature that works well paired with a chandelier or light fitting. Dome ceiling designs compliment decorative corbel, crowns and arch products to complete the look of your home.

If you are considering decorative plaster mouldings for your space, we can help. Talk to our team of specialists and take advantage of our extensive industry experience. Call us today, or enquire about our products via the form below.

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